9 / Jul / 2019
Doria Pamphilj Gallery

The Doria Pamphilj Gallery is one of the largest private art collections in Rome and one of the most important in Italy.…read more

6 / Mar / 2017
Design the Beauty

Dear Jurnale, Today I want to introduce you Nina Ives, an American designer with whom we had the pleasure of working remotely…read more

9 / Jan / 2017
The art of ripening cheeses

Dear Jurnale, today I write you no to talk about tiles, terracotta, architecture and design but because I want to share with…read more

1 / Dec / 2016
That time when we met

Dear Jurnale, it is evening and I am writing to you as I am with my father Tommaso near the furnace fire,…read more

20 / Oct / 2016
From the land to baby artichokes

Dear Jurnale,   you know what I do in my spare time? I go searching for the food excellence of our territory.…read more

27 / Sep / 2016
Stanze al Genio

My dear Jurnale, today I desire to tell you the story of how a passion for collecting can be transformed into a…read more

3 / Aug / 2016
De Martino à la française

Dear Jurnale, I want to tell you the Fornace De Martino experience in France. We took care of the restoration of a…read more

20 / Jun / 2016
Comedy, tragedy and philosophy under the stars

Dear Jurnale, do you know what do Fornace De Martino and VeliaTeatro have in common? The love of culture and art declined…read more

23 / May / 2016
The Sabrina Masala’s design meets the Furnace De Martino exclusivity Torre di Capo Rivo at Vico Equense

Dear Jurnale, Here I am with a project born thanks to the creative inspiration of architect Sabrina Masala who chose Furnace De…read more

14 / Apr / 2016
One of the most exclusive residences in the world

Dear Jurnale, Today I want to bring you in a very special place, a place where time stands still and you can…read more