27 / Sep / 2019

Where need is exhausted, desire takes shape.

Dear Jurnale,
We often talk about international designers and architects, but today I want to talk to you about two young Italian talents, Chiara Pellicano and Edoardo Giammarioli, who founded Millim in Rome in 2016, a design studio with the name palindrome that deals with creative consultancy, artistic direction, product, and visual design. They are young, but in 2019 they have already won the Wallpaper * Design Award, in the “Best Dream Design Factory” category, with the “Fusion” product designed for Secondome, a Design Gallery in Rome focused on contemporary designers and innovative projects worldwide. The strength of these young designers is in their ability to identify a subtle point of balance between need and desire and, starting from that to develop a new and creatively strong idea. They came across our work a little by chance, thanks to a newsletter. The discovery of analog through digital….



Anyway, I talk about them because we worked together on Twins “a chromatic play between surface and thickness, in which each element carries a part of the other”.



The project was exhibited with great success at the Como Social Theater during the Lake Como Design Fair 2019, the international event at the Collector’s Design, which this year had as its theme the evocative power of Color and its relationship with Light, mother of every nuance.


But how was Twins born? I’ll tell you by borrowing the words of the two designers: “The thought behind Twins is to explore a territory that still today, since 1400, offers the same land extracted from the same quarries. Narrating the mastery with which this land is combined with water and processed only by hand. Discovering the patience of man while he waits for the wind to dry the clay and finally the sacredness of waiting when each tile, meticulously placed in medieval furnaces, is ready to be cooked exclusively with fire and bundles of firewood. Three days and three nights of cooking and waking follow one another and man leaves everything in the hands of fate and still today, as once, when the furnace is walled up, a cross is marked in the stone at its entrance, hoping that God will be merciful and that every piece will be perfect.”



As I always tell you, it is exciting for us to work with designers, especially young and passionate designers such as Chiara and Edoardo, who have followed all the design and processing phases live. Shaping their ideas and shaping the clay following their model more than a job was a creative epiphany. Which surely will be repeated.

For now, I salute you, but we will meet again soon because I still have many things to tell you.



ph: Emanuele Chiaverini