17 / Mar / 2020

Think about a Cotto in Sorrento

Dear Jurnale, I haven’t written to you for a while and you’re right, but we are always in a hurry, one batch after the other and the time goes by…
However this time I would like to tell you about a project a few years ago in Sorrento, in a private residence where we installed both a decorated and a colored beige and brown Cotto used together with the glazed Cotto. For the occasion, we also made some custom-made terracotta slabs, cut with extreme precision thanks to our control system numeric waterjet.



The project is by the Striano architecture and interior design studio in Sorrento. They often rework traditional elements in a modern key and one of their characteristics is the search for maximum liveability through the combination of natural materials, colors, and plays of light.


Usually, when we create a project, a fundamental basis is serenity and fun in making things, both with customers and with the craftsmen themselves. With the De Martino family, we had fun experimenting with the use of natural terracotta flooring combined with glazed terracotta.


Each of their works is designed to ensure a final result that is as comfortable and versatile as possible but above all unique and tailored to those who live it day by day, which is what matters most. For this project, the architects started from the decorations of the ancient Neapolitan tradition and from these we extrapolated a detail which was then enlarged and modified to transform it into a sign distinctive of the entire apartment, from the floor to the furnishings.


And not only that, some construction remains have been recovered and transformed into an elegant one wall clock, a unique piece of design. Inside this house, made of soft nuances and refined details, you can breathe an atmosphere of tranquility and hospitality in a balance of elegance and livability.


Now I leave you, but I promise you that we will hear from you soon and, as I always tell you what has been will be.