Modus vivendi cilentano

Dear Jurnale, this year we arrived at Christmas and as always I write you two lines. This time I would like to…read more

The art of ripening cheeses

Dear Jurnale, today I write you no to talk about tiles, terracotta, architecture and design but because I want to share with…read more

From the land to baby artichokes

Dear Jurnale,   you know what I do in my spare time? I go searching for the food excellence of our territory.…read more

Comedy, tragedy and philosophy under the stars

Dear Jurnale, do you know what do Fornace De Martino and VeliaTeatro have in common? The love of culture and art declined…read more

Christmas Figs

Dear Jurnale, once, during the baking, our kinl craftsmen used to eat bread and dried figs. I was reminded of this habit,…read more