5 / Aug / 2020

Blue by blue

Dear Jurnale, in these first and hot days of August the sea is a dream for everyone. And this time it is a dream by the sea that I want to tell you. I will take you to Scilla, in the extreme tip of that Calabria that almost touches Sicily, where the color of the sea is a cobalt blue so intense that reminds me of our enameled decorations.


There, hidden from view and overlooking the sea, there is a splendid estate owned by a family of Calabrian entrepreneurs, our customers for a long time. The area includes three large villas with swimming pools and gardens. Each villa is completely independent of the others, even if a series of paths connect them, and walking in that park is an immersive and exciting experience.


The main villa welcomes who arrive on the estate. It hosts the mother, a very kind and polite Calabrian lady, with an old-time elegance. There we have installed, both inside and outside, a classic Neapolitan Cotto, squared by hand after cooking, so that it could be mounted side by side without escaping.


The unique pattern design is by Ragazzini, a roman engineer. The warm color of our wood-fired clay, the good taste of the owner in the interior design choices, and the unique panorama that explodes at the sight when you enter leave you completely breathless.


The absence of the tracks on the openings overlooking the sea also contributes, a daring solution that makes the interior and exterior almost a unique environment. In the other two houses, owned by two of the lady’s four children, she has chosen brown-colored Cotto with a tone more tending to gray.


It is applied internally, on the terraces, on the patio overlooking the sea and in the kitchen, one of the main spaces of daily life. Unlike the classic Neapolitan style, warm and timeless elegance, brown-colored Cotto is an ideal solution for a more modern environment, which makes chromatic contrasts its visual strength.


The whole project is by the great Genoese architect Alberto Ponis, famous for his houses camouflaged in the landscape in Sardinia and for his ability to understand the territory and design architectural solutions fully integrated with nature and the surrounding context.


I’d like to tell you more about it but Sometimes words are not enough and it needs images. Now I have to go, and I promise you that we will hear from you soon and, as I always tell you: What has been will be.