26 / Jul / 2019

Siamo su Villegiardini – Luglio 2019

“A place of the Heart […] The majolica, emblem of the Costiera, designed by Fausta Gaetani and executed according to the ancient traditional processes by Fornace De Martino, has been used both for the floors and for the kitchen. What characterizes the restoration of this beautiful home is the reference to tradition and the use of good local craftsmen, from the tapestry to the mosaics, from the majolica to the wrought iron. The only ones can bring to life, with their knowledge, the grace of the 50s … ”


This is an extract of Margherita Dallai’s article for Villegiardini, an italian monthly magazine about the italian style of living, emotions and inspirations. The article tells about restoration of the Fausta and Raimonda Gaetani’s home, a fascinating house on the splendid Amalfi Coast, facing the island of Li Galli.