Where need is exhausted, desire takes shape.

Dear Jurnale, We often talk about international designers and architects, but today I want to talk to you about two young Italian…read more

Doria Pamphilj Gallery

The Doria Pamphilj Gallery is one of the largest private art collections in Rome and one of the most important in Italy.…read more

From the land to baby artichokes

Dear Jurnale,   you know what I do in my spare time? I go searching for the food excellence of our territory.…read more

De Martino à la française

Dear Jurnale, I want to tell you the Fornace De Martino experience in France. We took care of the restoration of a…read more

Christmas Figs

Dear Jurnale, once, during the baking, our kinl craftsmen used to eat bread and dried figs. I was reminded of this habit,…read more