6 / Mar / 2017

Design the Beauty

Dear Jurnale,

Today I want to introduce you Nina Ives, an American designer with whom we had the pleasure of working remotely for the conception and realization of terracotta tiles with decorative inserts for a villa and a ranch in California. 6 months of planning, 120 samples, 3 years of implementation, an infinite number of emails and phone calls: these are just a few numbers of this exciting project.



“I’ve chosen Fornace De Martino”,Nina Ives told us, “for their unique and customized decorated tiles. For me it is very important to see my drawings and ideas come to life and, above all,to have a precious partner to create unique projects. I communicated with De Martino via web: decoration after decoration, drawing after drawing, nuance after nuance; until the point I saw and touched the tiles physical prototypes. De Martino has not simply given form and color to my ideas and drawings, it inspired me and helped me to give personality to my clients’ homes. The designs and colors of the tiles are all custom-made starting from my sketches and drawings, and have been perfect for the project, up to a maximum beauty. Yes, beauty. Because it is beauty that Fornace De Martino added to my work and also to my life”.



These projects and these esteem declarations make us love so much our work and make us feel happy and proud to realize unique creative projects in the world. Think, my dear Jurnale, that for the realization of some colors requested by Nina Ives, we remade the colors of nature (apricot, teal, etc.). We interpreted the expectations of the designer giving life to the nuances and the designs that she sent us.

Of this beautiful work, we will remember the harmonious synergy and the super-custom collaboration that we managed to build via email,never meeting each other in person. California-Italy: so far away and yet so close for a working armony and for the work method that led us to an excellent result.



And now, my dear Jurnale, as usual I salute you with the phrase so dear to my family:

What has been, will be again.