22 / Dec / 2015

Christmas Figs

Dear Jurnale,
once, during the baking, our kinl craftsmen used to eat bread and dried figs. I was reminded of this habit, that our elders told us about remembering their youth, when I casually met Antonio Longo, one of the patrons of Santomiele of Prignano Cilento.

“An excellence that starts from the raw material: figs that are carefully selected, sun-dried and carefully hand-processed”, tells Antonio about his Santomiele. “Everything revolves around a protected product that has unique characteristics and is absolutely precious, the fig of Cilento: a tipically mellow pulp, with a sweet taste and amber yellow”.

Knowing more about the company, and especially tasting their products ranging from the classic dried fig to a supreme dome of figs hazelnuts and pine nuts fused together with extra dark chocolate, we discovered other craftsmen, artists who put into their work the same care, the same attention and the same love that we put into the production of our tiles.
The discovery was so exciting that we decided to share it with you.