20 / Oct / 2016

From the land to baby artichokes

Dear Jurnale,
you know what I do in my spare time? I go searching for the food excellence of our territory. I try, I taste, I experiment. Today, I want to tell you about a taste. The taste of Maida jars. The taste of Cilento tradition and of respect for natural products.


Maida is a Cilento company for which the preservation of the good things that come from the land is like an ancient art that has its roots in the history and in the rural tradition.
Preserves, sauces, pickles, paté, jams. Everything is gourmet. Maida presents an utmost care for the raw materials and their handmade processing.




When I tried their products I felt the taste of old recipes revisited with a modern twist; innovative and refined flavors, never banal. From tomatoes to artichokes, from eggplants to olives. In each Maida jar there is always the desire to reproduce almost disappeared flavors, there is the passion for the land (Salerno and its province) and there is the respect for the seasonality of crops and for the careful selection of raw materials.


Not to mention the Cilento white figs jam with ricotta di bufala: a real tasteful experience. A memorable must, for me that I tried it.
Can you imagine a fragrance? An intense, strong, full fragrance. It is the fragrance of our land, the fragrance of the food excellence of our territory. A pure pleasure that becomes art.
And, once again, what can we say?
What has been, will be again.