9 / Jan / 2017

The art of ripening cheeses

Casa Madaio

Dear Jurnale,

today I write you no to talk about tiles, terracotta, architecture and design but because I want to share with you an art closely linked to the craftsmanship, the manual work, the desire of valorise our territory and the success of people who, with determination and tenacity, finally succeed. What am I talking about? I give you a little clue…it treats of cheeses. And when we talk of really good cheeses we mean Casa Madaio and its rare and special art of ripening, producing and maturing them. Casa Madaio arises from the tradition and from the love for the cheeses of Campania.


It is a perfect example of family firm stretched out to the development of our territory. In fact, to Eboli and Castelcivita, the techniques of refining and of artisanal production of cheeses are handed down from father to son for a remarkable result appreciated in Italy and in foreign countries. Fresh cheeses production and the ripening of semi-matures ones take place in Eboli. In Castelcivita, a little country in the Alburni mountains, the maturated cheeses and the most esteemed ones of the dairy collection are ripened in caves with ideals temperature and humidity.


These cheeses are unique inimitable gastronomic masterpieces, this is the reason for which they are appreciated and required all over the world. Craftsmanship, value, territory. The staff of Fornace De Martino believes in the firms that do of the care, the passion and the art their own mantra daily applied with passion and devotion. In every wheel of cheese there is the cultural and human heritage besides the history of a refiners’ family that had known (and it knows) how to safeguard, to preserve and to valorise what they do since 1970 and it will keep on doing forever (it is my wish).


What it has always been it always will be.