3 / Aug / 2016

De Martino à la française

Dear Jurnale,

I want to tell you the Fornace De Martino experience in France.
We took care of the restoration of a beautiful castle in Dourdan, a picturesque medieval town in the Île-de-France region.

The Castle is set deep in a forest and it is the family residence of the soprano Carole Bajac. The castle is beautiful, and it would be a shame not to make it accessible to other people. So Carole Bajac decided to transform her antique palace into a dream location for tourists.

The hand-painted ceramic is the protagonist of the whole project: from the kitchen to the bathrooms, until the fireplace for which we created a tailored covering with a geometric pattern.

You can “feel” the special flavor and beauty of this work right through the words of the soprano Carole Bajac, who told me she got to know Fornace De Martino during her stay at the San Pietro hotel in Positano.


foto Dourdan 2


“I immediately fell in love with the San Pietro tiles made by Fornace De Martino – says Carole Bajac – and I asked the hotel manager to get me in touch with Daniele De Martino to see their creations.

Later, I went to visit Fornace De Martino and I was thrilled by the beauty of their work. I saw the whole production and I also visited their collection of antique pieces. My visit to the furnaces has given me such a great desire to use the De Martino tiles in my house that I started right away.

At that time – Carol Bajac continues  – I was restoring the property I had inherited , because it had to be completely renovated.
Daniele De Martino was really very generous, he came with his father to start working on the project. We created new spaces, we built a new kitchen, a fireplace, a bathroom and – above all – a tailored laboratory for me. The laboratory is the real gem, an environment inspired by the seventeenth century, with a small music room and antique beautiful boiseries. Each tile is numbered and imitates marble. I love this place because, now, it is really a work of art.

There are still two houses which need to be restored, and I would love to use larger tiles. Modern plates created by Tommaso, especially in blue: intense and bright”.


foto Dourdan 3


Carol Bajac greets us with many other ideas that we will realize together and with the hope of being able to relive soon the union between know-how and art of De Martino.

My dear Jurnale, as usual, I salute you with the words of my family, and this time, I’ll also write in French.

What has been, will be again
Ce qui était, sera