23 / May / 2016

The Sabrina Masala’s design meets the Furnace De Martino exclusivity Torre di Capo Rivo at Vico Equense

Dear Jurnale,

Here I am with a project born thanks to the creative inspiration of architect Sabrina Masala who chose Furnace De Martino for the restoration of the architectural complex of Gennaro Esposito: the Torre Saracino restaurant and the adjacent Torre di Capo Rivo at Vico Equense.


sabrina masala e gennaro esposito


This time I wish to examine in depth with you the enhancement of Torre di Capo Rivo.

“For the Torre of Gennaro Esposito – explains architect Masala – the project was entirely designed around the shape and the natural materials, in order to emphasize the irregular tuff walls. Each element has been designed, created and customized: from furniture components to every single detail. The Torre entrance is a crystal gallery that alternates several high-quality materials: the teak flooring and the typical handmade and vibrantly colored ceramics alternated to the transparent crystals. The crystal gallery surrounds the customers in an ethereal atmosphere and accompanies them to the restaurant or to the Torre for various tastings and to feel the flavor of an architecturally and artistically unique place. The Torre – Sabrina Masala explains – is on two levels: the wine cellar downstairs and the lounge area upstairs. The handmade coating materials in Rufoli “cotto”, in black and white paste, perfectly coexist with the already existing surfaces in black volcanic tuff and represent the focal point of the project. Wood, cotto and crystals are, in fact, the key elements I worked with to create a unique atmosphere made of light, transparencies and reflections. Also the technical counter was thought to be practical and artistic at the same time, thanks to the various reflections generated by the natural tuff”.



Sabrina Masala explains her project and, among other things, the first thing she tells me is that she remembers very well the four days she spent cutting by hand the De Martino cotto tiles, tailored on the Torre perimeter.




“The Torre di Capo Rivo – adds Sabrina Masala – represents a perfect synthesis of ancient and modern, where the modernity of steel coexists with the cotto created by Fornace De Martino. In the internal room, the old mill is presented as a sort of aquarium with floating blown glass dolphins. The sculpture of dolphins – tells the architect Masala – was specifically created in Murano, as well as the Medusa chandelier at the entrance, personally designed by me and then built by the glassmaker master Paul Crepax: it is composed by a steel plate and four different types of blown glass pendants each one traversed by one suspension cable. The refinement of Medusa crystal chandelier conforms very well to the sense of movement and the warmth of soft shapes, in full compliance with functional choices. The curved and elegant lines of the furniture have been specially designed to be in perfect harmony with the artistic ceramics that have been used on the pavement and also along the walls as decorative panels”.


De Martino family is proud of being part of a such prestigious project that aims to give importance to nature and to add value to unique places like the Torre of Capo Rivo in Vico Equense. For us, to realize the cotto for the tuff of the Torre has meant to give life and soul to the natural beauty of the place. As always, we worked strictly by hand and we checked every single step of the entire production chain. We strongly believe that each tile is a unique work of art that we proudly provide to our clients to treasure it. The alchemy of our terracotta is the result of the fusion of the Euclidean Elements with our passion, quality and precision.


Now, my dear Jurnale, I invite you to look at the photos of the Torre, that are much more explanatory of my writings.

I salute you with a special and very meaningful phrase for me and my family:
What has been, will be again.