23 / Nov / 2015

Dear Jurnale,

the Neapolitan poet Salvatore Di Giacomo in his poem “E vota e gira!” wrote: “E vota e gira, ‘a storia è sempre chesta” (In the end, the story is always the same). And for us that after more than 400 years still make the cotto (a type of tile) in the same way, this quote is even more true.


But time goes by and stories accumulate like sand on a beach, and so we decided to put bits on pixels all those things that revolve around our furnace. And that’s why Jurnale (as once newspapers were called) is born, our small business journal that will collect all the everyday stories, the experiences of friends, relatives and partners, the recipe of meat with tomato sauce that my grandmother Teresa cooked for the workers (trust me: it is good), or the story of Chipperfield who, without a chair, sits down on a box of tiles (but let’s not spoiler).


On Jurnale we will see everybody, from my father Tommaso who is in charge of the Italian projects (but always cares about everything), to my uncle Carlo who leads the production (and often tests himself in ceramic works). And let’s not forget my other uncle Antonio, the artistic accountant (since he also creates decorations), and my always sociable uncle Luigi, who produces the mixtures and works the clay.

And last, but not least, we will see my mother Francesca, who looks after the administration of the house and the company.


And there would be more, but we do not have enough space to list them.


Ah, but I forgot to introduce myself. I am Daniele De Martino and I take care of the foreign customers and the big projects, and I also manage the communication. And I will be the voice of this little journal.